At RTMI Homes Inc, we give our customers access to top quality carpet products with installation from our courteous and fully trained technicians. Whether you’re installing new or repairing your current carpet, we are here to fit your custom-tailored needs. Our team prides themselves in providing quick and professional carpet installation services, with flawless customer service. We have carpet options available in all types of top materials: nylon, olefin, polyester, acrylic, wool and triexta. Although, If you are not yet ready for a wall to wall carpet replacement, but overtime your carpet has developed waves, ripples, lumps and bucks, or even permanent stains, iron burns or pet damages; then give us a call because we can do it all. We take great pride in the all the details from little to large, when it comes to laying or repairing your carpeting and will always ensure that the finished look is impeccable.


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